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Power Ranger Recaps
Episode 234 - Clash of the Megazords 
29th-May-2011 12:17 pm
Marvel - Girl Comics
Seriously, is this arch over yet?

Previously, the only thing worth mentioning is the Monster Tour. And also the Rangers got some new zords, General Havoc serves them tea, Cassie is not a sparklepire, and maybe the Phantom is going to die? Whatever.

Justin is searching for the space base and everyone is concerned about Divatox using the ruby. TJ and Cassie (\o/) go to the spot where the Phantom's tunnels were, and then ask to be teleported into the tunnel. Cassie is SO not dressed for sewer work. They easily find the Phantom and his ship, but he's unconscious.

Porto and his goons are working on the Megazord and Divatox talks more about her plan. We get distracted by talking about how Phantom could be Billy, and the reason he needs the ruby is because it's what's keeping him young. It's a theory, anyway. (And one we would like better if it didn't mean Billy/Cassie.)

TJ comes up with a plan to attract Divatox's space base with a magnet. This plan makes no sense, but TJ is such an awesome red, and we adore him. More of TJ! Also, I enjoy that Ashley is good at tech stuff.

Porto has installed some batteries on the Turbo Megazord for some reason. IDEK. Megazord vs Megazord fights are usually fun, though, so I'm looking forward to that.

The Rangers use their device to lock onto the space base, and Divatox fires at them in return. Also, Elgar gets hit with a frying pan. Divatox sends down a monster, who breaks the magnet with his face. Divatox then launches the Turbo Megazord.

The monster is piloting the Turbo Megazord, and so the Rangers call the Village People Zords. It's Zord vs Zord! (For some reason the monster tells the Rangers that the ruby is in the battery pack.)

Alpha warns them not to destroy the Zord or they risk destroying the Phantom Ranger. There's a pause in the fighting because the batteries need to recharge because apparently they took lessons from Serpenterra or something.

TJ decides to go use lightning cruiser to get the battery, which is a pretty decent plan, although it causes Carlos to point out that TJ is either the bravest guy or the craziest. Or both.

Just as the Turbo Zord was about to destroy the Village People Zord, TJ shows up and fights the monster inside the Turbo Megazord, and then on top of the battery pack. See, if TJ hadn't been all "one person only" then TJ could have fought the mosnter while someone else grabbed the ruby. But TJ manages to win and grab the ruby anyway, and the Turbo Megazord is returned to their control.

TJ is all "great job pretending to be helpless!" and Carlos is "... yeah! That was totally the plan!"

Divatox makes the monster grow, and we get more fight scenes. This is super long, and super high fight content. But wow, that's a lot of artillery that they're using on that monster.

They restore the Phantom Rangers ruby, and he's fine. He only thanks Cassie. What a jerk. He leaves and is all "I go where I'm needed."

Cassie is all "So if we need you again?" and he responds with "I will always remember you." She smiles. THAT IS NOT AN ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION. Can we please get back to TJ/Cassie now?

Fish: 4. Mostly because it was high fight and SUPER BORING.
29th-May-2011 08:26 pm (UTC)
I heart this team so much! They helped make Turbo more tolerable.
15th-Dec-2011 02:20 am (UTC)
It is SUCH a great team. :D
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