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Power Ranger Recaps
Episode 225 - Stitch Witchery  
11th-May-2011 08:24 pm
Marvel - Girl Comics
So Ashley should be on Project Runway.

No, seriously, that is pretty much what I got out of this episode. Why doesn't this fic exist?

Anyway, it opens in design class, when someone compliments Ashley on the design. Ashley assumes that she's talking about the yellow coat (of course) that she's currently working on, but instead she's complimenting the actually kinda cute jacket that Ashley's wearing. (It's not the most inventive coat ever, but it's not entirely offensive. People who know more about fashion than I do, feel free to argue with me.)

Cassie shows up and mocks Ashley gently, proving that once again Pink and Yellow are always BFF, even though they've known each other for like 5 minutes. Ashley is concerned about the coat and worries about her fashion sense. She also thinks its a pretty tacky, but a random woman in a limo shows up and wants to buy the design. Of course, she's secretly a monster, but Ashley doesn't know this.

The design is put into production, and the other Rangers go and see them being sold. TJ and Cassie link arms and skip over and they are the most adorable ever, and why aren't they making out? They all try on the jackets (and these Divatox produced ones are fugly. They instantly turn into jerks.

Ashley gets summoned to the Power Chamber because nobody else is responding due to them being jerks. She fights by herself and is awesome, and then she goes to find her friends. (Why she doesn't go get the Rangers before she goes to fight? Well. That would be using logic. The other Rangers start mocking Ashley's design (dude, why are you wearing them if you hate them?) and Justin even throws in a "NOT!" and Ashley is upset to the point of tears and she needs all the hugs.

So even the Blue Senturian has on a jacket which makes him a jerk, and Ashley has to go convince her team to strip, and apparently in the few days they've been Rangers she's learned how to get them to take off their clothes. (We are going to pretend I'm not including Justin in that, because ewww.) I'm going to try hard not to be annoyed at Ashley telling Justin that his is a girl's jacket, but most tween boys would probably freak at that, so I will not be grumpy about it. Then everyone is nice again and they apologize to Ashley.

The Rangers summon Zords and they fight the Blue Senturian, but sadly they don't destroy him. TJ removes the jacket, and then they see the real monster, and blah blah blah fight scene I so don't care.

Everyone tells Ashley that yeah, her original jacket was ugly, but at least they're honest? And they're pretty nice about it, and then there are hugs. Yay!

Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull have been invisible for the whole episode. They spend their time playing ridiculous pranks and pretending to be magicians. They turn visible at the end and Bulk promptly ends up covered in milkshake. Lt. Stone is super glad to see them. Yay! He doesn't seem very concerned about where they were or where the monkeys disappeared to, but it's BULK AND SKULL. BACK. Yay!

Fish: 3.5 Evil jackets? Really?

Fic we want: So, Tracy Lynn Cruz totally confirmed at Morphicon that Ashley continues in fashion. Where is the Ashley as a guest judge on Project Runway fic?
12th-May-2011 01:17 am (UTC)
Two Great Things about this episode
1) Ashley is pretty darn awesome here. I like how she was a bit apprehensive about her first fight being on her own but she kicked butt. She also showed good skills underpressure with the others. She gets alot of flack but she was a good ranger.

2) TJ and Cassie love! I miss Adam and Tanya but these two are super cute.
20th-Jul-2011 01:33 pm (UTC)
Ashley is GREAT. This was a really nice way to showcase her, and also to differentiate her from the yellows who came before her.

TJ and Cassie are adorable! (Not as adorable as Adam and Tanya, but I am biased.)
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