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Power Ranger Recaps
Episode 232- One Last Hope 
28th-May-2011 02:45 pm
Expect lots of recaps this weekend. I am at TSB's place and it's too hot to do anything but watch PR. Win/win!

Last time on Power Rangers- things were really boring.

This week on Power Rangers- things are STILL really boring!

So the Megazord is gone and the Phantom Menace has told them here is hope, but won't tell them what it is, when it will come, or what to expect. What a horrible tease! The Rangers are losing hope. Cassie is totally wearing a Blossom hat (must have raided Kim's wardrobe) and I totally don't know how anybody can have a sad when wearing a Blossom hat.

Elgar and Porto have the Megazord. Porto wants to figure out how it works, but Elgar calls it obsolete. Somehow, though, they have information on the Phantom Menace. They found it in the Ranger Database. WHY DIDN'T THE RANGERS FIND IT THEN?!?!?! Meanwhile, Divatox fondles her brother's laser (no really) and manages to accidentally make it fire. NO. REALLY.

Bulk and Skull are still showing tourists around on the Monster Tour. We love this! There should be way more of the Monster Tours and way less of... just about the whole rest of Turbo. They lead some disgruntled tourists up to the top of a skyscraper. This will not end well.

General Havoc is taking a scenic tour of Angel Grove in his Metalsaurus. He's using a map that looks nothing like a map and nothing like any kind of city EVER built. Somehow the rangers have a hard time spotting this HUGE metalsaurus that is destroying the city. In finding him, however, TJ loses control of his SENTIENT CAR. Y'know, the car that controls ITSELF. Whatever.

Boring fights are very boring. And this episode is full of them.

They keep losing these boring fights and Phantom comes to save the day, leading them through a portal down into the sewers. They flee through the sewers for awhile (are we sure the TMNT crossover isn't until next season???) and end up with their new zords.

The city crumbles, Divatox takes credit, says the most awesome line of the whole episode "Viva La Diva!" and Alpha 6 gives up the fight and loses all hope. He's a real downer. Meanwhile Bulk and Skull are fleeing the skyscraper and pass out at the sight of the monster. Skull wakes Bulk up using a hot dog as smelling salt and tries to get him to run away, except Bulk won't leave the milkshakes. HE RISKS HIS LIFE FOR THE MILKSHAKES?!?!?! REALLY SHOW DID YOU HAVE TO GO THERE????

Except they totally have the new zords now and The Village People rock the fight, using the firetruck zord, two construction vehicle zords, the cop car zord, and the ambulance zord to take down the Metalsaurus. Bad puns abound.

Boring episode is REALLY boring and we end with Phantom being all Emo looking over the heavily destroyed city.

5 fish. I hate boring episodes.
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