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Power Ranger Recaps
Episode 233 - The Fall of the Phantom 
28th-May-2011 02:58 pm
Marvel - Girl Comics
Previously on power Rangers - that was really boring. Oh, and they're going to try and kill the Phantom ranger.

We begin with Cassie sitting on the steps in the high school, blocking everyone's path, and dreaming about the Phantom Ranger. She's interrupted by Principal Caplan, who tells her that she should be studying, especially since she apparently asked Ms. Appleby if she could take a test at a later date since she was busy with other interests. Yeah, they totally know that she's a Ranger, and that's the only way she's getting away with this nonsense, even though Caplan is all "maybe you should take an interest in school."

Meanwhile, Divatox and Havoc are plotting to kill the Phantom by stealing his ruby.

Cassie and Ashley are both worried about a test, but then Cassie gets a note in her locker telling her to meet at the park, and she immediately realizes its from the Phantom Ranger and ditches to go meet him. Of course, it wasn't actually the Phantom, and she ends up kidnapped by havoc and tied up with vines. \o/ We're totally counting this as tentacle porn, y'all.

Bulk and Skull are trying to convince Carlos, Ashley, and TJ to be Rangers for the tour. Then they mock Justin, telling him that he's way too short to be a Ranger. I cannot stop laughing. Really, this whole monster tour arc is the best ever.

The Rangers are totally concerned about Cassie missing, because she's not Tommy. Havoc calls the Power Chamber and tells them that he has Cassie under a sleeping spell but he'll trade her for the Phantom. Justin easily locates Cassie, but Dimitria warns them that it might be a trap. They ignore her and head out anyway.

See, TJ really just needs to kiss Cassie so she'll wake up. Instead, there's some sparkles sprinkled on her to turn her into stone. SHE'S A SPARKLEPIRE!!!!! TJ is so distressed.

Phantom shows up too late, and he pulls out his power ruby and somehow by shining its power over her it brings back her color or something. Except it turns out that it wasn't actually Cassie, by Havoc in disguise! Havoc captures Phantom and his ruby, and the Rangers are still missing Cassie and now they've lost the Phantom as well.

Divatox is totally in love with the ruby, and it is hilarious. Divatox is about to unmask the Phantom, when Cassie escapes. She starts fighting, but Phantom yells at her to escape, and she does, crashing into Angel Grove Lake, where the Monster Tour is hanging out, and they see some fake Power Rangers who were clearly taken from a retirement home or something.

The Metallsaurus is back and all the Rangers morph and summon the Village People Zords. Havoc has the Phantom in a cage. There's a fight. Cassie is all "Phaaaaaaaaaantom" and she lets him out of the cage, and the Rangers combine into the Megazord.

The Phantom is dying without his ruby, and people are sad.

Fish: 5. This arc should be WAY more interesting, I'm just saying.
28th-May-2011 07:57 pm (UTC)
I love Cassie! Other then that this episode is pretty tame. I do love that Cassie escapes on her own!

Vines? Very MMPR Season 3, thats how they got Billy in "Blue Ranger Gone Bad"
29th-May-2011 02:35 pm (UTC)
Cassie was pretty great!
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