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Power Ranger Recaps
Episode 235- The Robot Ranger 
29th-May-2011 12:41 pm
Bulk and Skull are supposed to be ball boys (heeeeee), running the ball machine and filming the lessons, but instead they want to be tennis pros. Unfortunately, everyone makes fun of them for it. And they manage to knock milkshake all over Ashley.

Ashley is a robot! The milkshake somehow got under her sleeve and in her circuits, because she has to lift a panel to dry off her smoking wiring. Justin sees and freaks out because, well, wouldn't you? He tries to drag TJ along to tell him about Robot!Ashley and manages to break his radio instead. Justin just can't win today.

Ashley and Cassie are taking tennis lessons from Bulk and Skull and Skull totally fails at operating the ball machine. TJ and Justin are observing this lesson and TJ refuses to believe Ashley is a robot. Because, well, would you? Anyway, Ashley takes a turn and manages to hit all the balls super fast, super hard. ALL the balls. Right at Skull. She keeps up with an ever increasing pace, even managing to break the racket, and TJ STILL won't believe she's a robot. Justin, smell something a little fishy about this? Maybe you should.

Divatox gets a monster that turns it's victims into film reels. Divatox apparently loves monster movies. She's too puny. TJ, Cassie, and Ashley attempt to fight the monster, but Justin is SURE Ashley, being a robot, won't be able to morph. EXCEPT SHE TOTALLY DOES. They call in Carlos and there is a boring fight on the tennis court, but Elgar decides the best way to end the fight is shoot tennis balls at the rangers... who then use the piranhatrons as shields. The monster manages to run away, but they chase him, and he wraps them up in film. Luckily film is EASY to break, because they escape and have yet another really boring fight. Monster grows, there are Village People zords, and do I really need to explain what happens? I think we've all watched enough Power Rangers at this point to know the outcome of the zord battle.

Justin takes Ashley aside and apologizes for thinking some crazy things about Ashley. He won't tell her what was going on, but apologizes anyway. Carlos requests his help with math homework, so he goes off and Cassie asks if Justin knows. TJ assures them he knows too much and they'll have to keep an eye on things. Back at school, TJ is doing something with one of those lightning balls in his locker. Justin now knows they're ALL robots and FREAKS THE EFF OUT. I DO NOT BLAME HIM IN THE SLIGHTEST.

Divatox sends another monster to fight the rangers, this one with an electric whip. Justin opens a door on Carlos and is reassured that Carlos is, indeed, human, because the door hurt his face. Justin spills everything about the robots but Carlos, like TJ, doesn't believe him. TJ calls for help and Justin isn't so sure, except the monster alert goes off so they go to help anyway. You'd think Justin would suspect they're all robots, seeing as the other three are, but apparently he's not there yet.

There is a boring fight with the electric whip guy. He sends them rolling down a hill which demorphs them. Carlos' face is pulled off in the tumble and Justin just doesn't know what to do since ALL HIS FRIENDS ARE ROBOTS and nobody bothered to tell him. Understandably, he tries to run away, but they take hold and won't let him go, teleporting him to the Power Chamber. He tells Alpha the others are robots and Alpha, understandably so, takes offense.

Justin discovers the others know about their robot counterparts. Apparently Alpha 5 and Zordon built the robot rangers on Eltar. Justin is still freaking out until Human!Justin explains that he's a robot too and was used as an experiment. They needed the control subject, a robot who didn't realize he was a robot, to determine if the robots could withstand the battle against evil. Human!Justin reactivates Robot!Justin's memory chip and the real rangers go off to fight Electric Whip Guy.

There is a zord battle and we all know what happens there. Thankfully it's a short fight. Human!Justin is all upset when the robots have to return to Eltar. He apologizes to Robot!Justin, who isn't upset because now he knows what it feels like to be a real boy. They decide they're going to hang out when the robots come back, and then off they go.

2 fish. OMG A 2 FISH EPISODE?!?!?!?! The only real question is why the robots need to look exactly like the current rangers... but that's minor! Good job, Turbo.
29th-May-2011 08:28 pm (UTC)
I did enjoy this episode, it was very different but thats what made it so interesting.
15th-Dec-2011 02:20 am (UTC)
I really want to see a continuation of this - of course, that is what fanfic is for! :D
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