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Power Ranger Recaps
Episode 242- The Accident 
15th-Jun-2011 08:37 pm
Today on Power Rangers, Carlos has angst! ANGST!!! And I totally got to enjoy his ANGST with the excellent graphics of the episode on Netflix! Because nothing is better than Carlos ANGST coming through in beautiful clarity via streaming video and not an old VCR recorded tv version. ANGST!!!

Carlos' couch is late, as usual. He has a meeting with Carlos and some other kid. They are now going to be competing for the title of team captain. Other Kid apparently needs to learn sportsmanship. Just like all the rivals do. Are we surprised? Not really.

So during practice, Carlos accidentally hurts Other Kid (whose name is apparently Owen). Somehow Carlos broke Other Kid's leg. Except Carlos didn't even touch him. But now Carlos has ANGST. He has the best sadface EVER.

The team is totes divided and a little mini-war breaks out with hallway battles! Half the team thinks Carlos intentionally sprained Owen's ankle. The other half thinks Carlos didn't touch him. Owen Supporters quit out of protest. We get to see Carlos' sadface again. I highly approve of this.

Bulk and Skull are now water boys. They fail. Skull has a new haircut. He looks super hot at least! Carlos, meanwhile, isn't having much luck at being the captain. He's sure he hurt Owen and he feels really bad about it, even reflecting on it in the middle of the practice while wondering if it was really an accident or somehow intentional. Carlos and Adam really need to hang out more often. WAY more often. They have ALL the things in common.

Divatox is going to use this distraction to her benefit by playing MIND GAMES. Because she is a great villain. She makes some piranhatrons look like Owen and his cronies. Carlos is conflicted because they make him feel horrible! Poor Carlos. Luckily the rangers show up and show him the truth. Carlos fights unmorphed while the rest are morphed. It is AWESOME.

At school, Carlos apologizes to Owen for hurting him. Except Carlos is not totally sure he tripped Owen at all, but Owen is all "I am grievously injured so obviously you did it, yo" and gives Carlos and even bigger sad. Carlos goes to brood when he is confronted with the Blue Senturian, who wants to make him feel better, though he's not sure it's a legal matter he can assist in. I hate him.

Elgar comes crashing to Earth in the zord he was test driving for Divatox. BS tries to arrest him. It's very boring and doesn't pertain to the episode AT ALL. There is a big zord battle between BS and Elgar's zord. Carlos and the others go to help. I liked this episode much more before there was all the zord fighting.

The only good thing is Elgar manages to trick the Rangers into attacking BS and Carlos is all "OH NOES! I hurt another friend!" But then it gets boring again because Elgar is missing a crucial piece to his zord and it just kind of... falls apart. I'd really like to go back to Carlos and his angst now.

And we do! Carlos has quit as team captain and Owen wants to know why. He's all confused. Carlos isn't quite sure he wants to explain. Owen finally admits that Carlos didn't even touch him, he just tripped over his own two feet and sprained his ankle that way. It was a really jerky thing to do and Carlos just forgives him for turning half the team against him just like that.

2 fish! Surprisingly low for Turbo.
16th-Jun-2011 01:09 am (UTC)
Carlos' couch is late, as usual.

"Dammit this is the last time I use TARDIS Moving Company! He's either an hour late or a day early!"
16th-Jun-2011 01:12 am (UTC)
Awesome typos for the WIN! Haha, thanks.

Darn TARDIS Moving Company. :D
16th-Jun-2011 01:46 am (UTC)
I'm not a typo/spelling/grammar Nazi (I make enough mistakes of my own, plus it just seems kinda rude), but if I can have fun with a misspelling or grammar mistake, I don't hesitate. (-:
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