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Power Ranger Recaps
Episode 243 - Cassie's Best Friend 
15th-Jun-2011 08:43 pm
Marvel - Girl Comics
So I am so sulky about the fact that I am not watching on netflix streaming right now. Only 255 of the 732 episodes are showing up on my Wii, and I am super pissed about that. But netflix tech support assures me they're looking into it. Still. Grrr.

So we start off at the lake. Cassie has a dog that she's playing frisbee with. The dog's name is Jetson, but I keep thinking they're saying Justin, and frankly, I was wondering why Cassie named her dog after him.

Meanwhile, Divatox has some new monster named goon that can transform stuff into mice or something. She sends it to attack at the lake and it blasts the Rangers. There's a pretty great unmorphed fight scene and this time the monster hits a Pirahnatron and it turns into a turtle. Turtles! The monster runs away because his aim sucks.

Bulk and Skull are looking for jobs, and Cassie has apparently trained her dog to get a newspaper and give her the change. That is way more impressive than Kat's dog training! in the park, Cassie is telling Jetson that sometimes she wishes he was a person and wonders what he would say. Of course, the monster shows up. Oh god.

Cassie morphs and the dog gets blasted and falls off a cliff or something. The monster tells Cassie I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too. And hey, Jetson has been transformed into a naked surfer dude with the collar still around his neck. IDEK. He steals clothes that just happen to be on a park bench.

Bulk and Skull offer to find Cassie's dog, since they used to be detectives. Hey, continuity! While Cassie is organizing in the youth center, human!Jetson who apparently has fleas introduces himself as Jethro and tells her that he's seen Jetson. Human!Jetson is molesting another dog. He informs her that none of the other dogs have seen Jetson. Cassie is understandably weirded out, but she offers him a ride home, and then accepts his offer of searching for the dog.

Bulk and Skull have found a dog that isn't Jetson. IDEK what to say about it. Jetson informs Cassie that the other dog is lost and he lives over by the high school.

Meanwhile, human!Jetson is failing at keeping his story straight. He also clearly has a crush on Cassie and this is weird. Jetson order a lot of burgers with extra cheese because he can't eat that usually and then plays frisbee with Cassie. Seriously, she should have figured this out by now, but I guess she's busy being understandably creeped out.

Jetson starts turning back into a dog, and his hands are now paws. Jetson gives some excuse and Cassie is weirdly all "I'm going to miss you, I feel like you're one of my best friends" and Jetson tells her "you'll always be my only best friend" and NO. THAT IS CREEPY. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T KNOW HE'S A DOG. CREEPY.

Alpha calls and they morph and there's a fight scene which is thankfully distracting me from being super creeped out. Sadly, then dog!Jetson shows up to attack the monster. Elgar has his Zord back and the Rangers summon their Village People Zords, and I really can't take Elgar as a threat seriously, even if he has a giant Zord. Divatox also sends in the monster to attack as well, so the Blue Senturian shows up with Robo Racer.

Somehow Elgar ends up on a camel. What. Oh, and they destroy the other monster.

At the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull walk right past Jetson and tell Cassie that they've almost found Jetson. Cassie starts to realize that maybe Jetson is Jethro, but then she decides there's no way that's possible. Cassie, you are not very smart.

16th-Jun-2011 03:13 am (UTC)
I have to second that creepy bit, very creepy
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