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Power Ranger Recaps
Episode 244- The Curve Ball 
19th-Jun-2011 10:45 am
Today on Power Rangers, OMG there is continuity!!!

So I'm still watching on Netflix. And I LOVE it. Stellar quality (my copies were... very bad) and I can watch on my big tv while recapping on the laptop and I don't have to have tiny windows anywhere! All around a good thing. And hey, this episode isn't even half bad! Because they remembered that TJ came to Angel Grove to play baseball! So he plays baseball!

TJ gives good advice to his teammates in the middle of a tight game when his communicator beeps and he has to go. The others are frustrated because he is, apparently, half the team. Or at least the best on the team? Either way, he bails, and they get upset. And despite not having any lines at all, Carlos is apparently also on the baseball team.

They run to help the others fight to protect Storm Blaster. TJ and Carlos rush back to the game and the rest of the team is all excited because apparently now they can't lose. I'm sure the other players are good! Why do they NEED TJ to win? Not to discount his mad baseball skills and all, but at least let some other players shine!

TJ hits a home run and some guy in a blue shirt (obviously playing for the other team) gets the ball way in the outfield. Heath is the new guy and he is very insulting to TJ's team. They have some delightfully tense bickering in which Heath is sure TJ doesn't dance. TJ goes up to bat again to prove to Heath that he really does dance. And... he gets struck out. And everybody is shocked and appalled. Because TJ has apparently never seen a curve ball before? How did he get this far and this good in baseball without ever having encountered a curve ball????

At the next game, TJ goes up against Heath again. There is more delightful tension. TJ strikes out again, despite having skipped all his FUN in order to practice. Divatox is so happy TJ has struck out and she's going to use this whole baseball theme to her advantage by bringing in Strike Out. He throws curve balls too. And knocks down all the rangers, who are trying to play baseball with their swords. This is... the weirdest, and yet most interesting, monster fight I think I've ever seen in Power Rangers! I certainly enjoy the slight change of pace.

Heath is practicing when TJ rides by on his bike. He chases after him and dares him to a race, but TJ refuses. Heath takes off anyway and falls off a cliff, managing to cling to the edge while his bike falls far below. TJ bravely rushes over and grabs Heath's hand to pull him to safety, but not before we get dramatic music and "oh noes I can't reach" tension. Heath is grateful and TJ rides off.

Back at the practice field, Heath teaches TJ how to hit his curve ball. Because TJ saved his life. Aw, jerkass learnt a lesson!

Strike Out is back and Carlos goes to fight, leaving TJ behind to practice with Heath. He gets a few hits in, thanks Heath, promises to keep it a secret, and then rushes off to join the fight. He uses his colour coded red baseball bat to hit Strike Out's curve ball right out of the atmosphere. Then there is monster growing and zords and that part is still boring. But at least the first fights were refreshingly different!

TJ is good on his word and keeps his promise to Heath not to give away the secret to his curve ball. He does encourage his teammates to just give their at-bat their best go. Heath feels a little bad for being so rough on the guys and actually gives them tips on how to hit his balls. Aw, good guy! Maybe the middle of the game isn't the most appropriate time to do it? But this doesn't seem to be professional games, but rather sandlot games. So I don't care. Because he's all nice now. :D

3 fish. It had continuity!!!
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