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Power Ranger Recaps
Episode 247- The Ranger Rivalry 
25th-Jun-2011 10:08 am
Let me start by saying I HATE this trope. I HATE the "two people fight over the affections of one poor soul" thing. People are not prizes to be won and should not be literally fought over. Let the person decide who s/he wants to date, and accept that it might not be either of you!

So Ashley is teaching a group of little girls hip hop dancing. She ensures all the tiny children have a ride home and then Lt. Stone asks her if she's going to the dance later. She doesn't have tickets, nor a date, and really she should just ask Carlos! He'd definitely say yes and it would be romantic and fun. But instead she spies New Kid and Lt. Stone tells him New Kid (apparently Bobby) does not have a date. He is apparently Mandy's older brother, and Mandy is in Ashley's dance class. She is very obvious in her flirting, offering to teach him to dance.

But OH NOES! Bobby knows Cassie. And introduces them (ahhahahah), and they point out they're best friends. Both think he's totally cute. He's really not (or at least he's not my type). In school, all the girls go nuts over Bobby. He approaches Ashley and asks her to teach him how to dance. Bobby asks if tomorrow is okay because he's hanging out with Cassie that afternoon. Ashley says it's a date but she's totally not happy about Cassie having time with Bobby. So she recruits TJ to go play catch with her at the park. Where Cassie and Bobby are.

Cassie is playing guitar and Ashley throws a ball at Bobby. TJ apologizes and asks if they want to play and the girls are really violent with each other. I HATE THIS EPISODE. LET THE POOR MAN CHOOSE FOR HIMSELF! Fighting with each other will solve NOTHING. It's up to HIM if he wants to date either of them, not up to who wins the fights. TJ smartly suspects something is up.

Bobby has car trouble and Ashley jumps to the rescue. Bobby is very impressed and Ashley is all touchy feely while Cassie tries to ask Bobby to the dance. Carlos and Justin are in trouble and Cassie actually asks to stay behind with Bobby! REALLY CASSIE?!?!?!? Your FRIENDS NEED you and you're going to abandon them for a boy??? WHAT THE HELL SHOW? Major props to TJ for telling her off (in the nicest way possible, because this is Power Rangers). Cassie fights but when she gets back to the parking lot, Bobby is gone.

He approaches Ashley in school the next day. He asks if Cassie is okay and ASHLEY THROWS HER UNDER THE BUS! WHAT THE HELL ASHLEY?!?!??! She tells Bobby that Cassie is flaky and runs off all the time. SHUT UP! I HATE THIS EPISODE WITH A FIERY PASSION. Another girl ends up inviting herself to the dance lesson. Ashley asks Mandy about Bobby, and Mandy says Bobby likes a girl but she can't remember who it is.

Ashley flails a bit in front of Bobby and calls it dancing. They flirt a lot and suddenly by the end he's a Super Awesome Dancer (only not really). Her communicator beeps and she has to run off while he practices. She rushes off to fight Divatox, but she's really cranky and bitchy about it. And there is an underwater Zord fight and then BS shows up to save the day.


Carlos, TJ, and Justin buy tickets to the dance. Bobby comes up to ask for their advice about a girl he likes. Carlos tells him it's scarier to think about asking than actually asking. Ashley and Cassie come in and Bobby says he's going to go ask who he likes to the dance. He heads towards a large group of the girls. Ashley goes all giggly and weird but he walks right past her. Cassie goes all slick and weird and Bobby walks right past her. He ends up asking Glenda The Other Girl to the dance. GOOD FOR YOU, BOBBY! YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN BEING SOME GIRL'S TROPHY! Glenda will appreciate you for who you are, which Cassie and Ashley were apparently incapable of.

Cassie and Ashley apologize to each other and all is well.

The girls now need dates. TJ already has one. Carlos apparently does as well. Justin holds his hands out and says he'll take them both! And they agree. AWWWWWW.

5 fish. This was a HORRIBLE episode and I never ever EVER want to see it again.
25th-Jun-2011 08:28 pm (UTC)
I did like that they showed Ashley and Cassie acting like realistic teenage girls. They can be bitchy ;)
26th-Jun-2011 01:41 am (UTC)
At least this episode has continuity going for it, Ashley working on cars, Cassie playing guitar, TJ playing baseball and the evil zord. That’s nice at least
29th-Jun-2011 01:59 pm (UTC)
The girls now need dates. TJ already has one. Carlos apparently does as well. Justin holds his hands out and says he'll take them both! And they agree.


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