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Power Ranger Recaps
Episode 249 - Chase Into Space - Part 1 
29th-Jun-2011 09:24 pm
Marvel - Girl Comics
So Justin is getting his dad ready for some important interview or whatever, and his dad is a giant failbot who can't even remember his briefcase. We spend a while trying to remember when the hell his dad came back. You can tell how little we cared.

Meanwhile, Divatox is really excited that apparently the most powerful monster in the universe has showed up. She's seriously squeeing.

The Rangers are watching as some space shuttle lands at NASADA. Awww, back when people cared about the space program! You go Power Rangers, and keep promoting this! Justin's dad shows up, and apparently he got the job. UM. SINCE WHEN DO YOU FIND OUT AT THE INTERVIEW IF YOU GOT THE JOB. And then he's all "So if I take the job, we have to move." Justin is all "But I don't want to move!"

Quick question - HOW DID HE NOT KNOW HE WOULD HAVE TO MOVE FOR THE JOB???? This is not how things work. This would be included WHEN YOU APPLY. And Justin is all "BUT MY FRIENDS" mostly because of the Rangers, although he really just can't say "YEAH, SO POWER RANGER."

Meanwhile, the Rangers are called to the Power Chamber, because Eltar is under attack. Suddenly we find out that Eltar is the source of all their powers. UM. WHAT. Since WHEN??? But seriously, this is pretty epic. Intergalactic attacks! Zordon in peril! Something bigger than a Megazord headed for Earth!


Giant terrifying looking monster shows up to mock them, and they summon the village people Zords. This is actually a super exciting fight, mostly because hey, the Rangers are LOSING. Keep breaking the toys, monster! (Wow, how did Divatox actually find competent help? My world, it is ending!)

TJ is all "Okay, here's the plan. Let's blow up the Zord to take them out." TJ, stop taking lessons from Tommy. Although hey, at least you intend to do it on purpose! So they blow it up and go to their old Zords, but it DIDN'T WORK. And neither does the Turbo Megazord Sabre. Like, this monster is way more powerful than they are. And then it shoots ALL THE POWER BACK AT THEM. I just. Eeeeep.

TJ has another idea - retreat. Which is good, because time for MORE Zords to blow up. TJ gets more toys (lightning cruiser and the giant canon thing, and he shoves the canon down the monster's throat) which actually does manage to blow up the GIANT MONSTER but seriously they now have no Zords at all.

They teleport back to the Power Chamber, and because Elgar and Rygog see them teleporting, this somehow clues them into where the Power Chamber is? I guess... Rita never shared that information? And Divatox is really bad at spying?

Divatox is REALLY excited to blow up more things.

Dimitria lets the Rangers know that Eltar has fallen. HOLY CRAP. The Rangers are totally disturbed but they can't go because they have to stay and protect Earth. Instead, Dimitria and Blue Senturian are going. As they leave, Divatox assembles a GIANT FREAKING ARMY of Pirahnatrons and holy crap, shit is getting real.

Dimitria reminds them one more time that they are the Power Rangers and therefore totally awesome, and then leaves them for Eltar, just as Divatox attacks. The Rangers do the heroic walk out, even though Alpha warns them there are too many of them. And the Rangers rush out to meet the battle, and TO BE CONTINUED.

4 fish - For all the epicness, there are some giant freaking plot holes in this. And also, that was a lot of fighting. (Please continue to blow up the toys.)
30th-Jun-2011 01:40 am (UTC)
I love your line "TJ stop taking lessons from Tommy" because so many fans act like if the first team had been there they wouldn't have lost. That team lost plenty of times, heck the allowed Jason and Kimberly to be sacrificed!
15th-Dec-2011 02:56 am (UTC)
Seriously, people hold up the first team as perfect, but they made mistakes. They're great and I love them, but they definitely made mistakes.
30th-Jun-2011 01:50 am (UTC)
I guess... Rita never shared that information? And Divatox is really bad at spying?

yeah ever other evil guy knew where it was....did she just never look before?
15th-Dec-2011 02:56 am (UTC)
Apparently not!
30th-Jun-2012 09:10 pm (UTC)
For continuity points, Justin mentions his soccer playing buddy Nico when talking about his friends in Angel Grove. Where did Nico go anyway?
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