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Happy belated four year anniversary!

..... We forgot. Oops? Whatever. The point is, on March 22nd 2009, queenriley and I were hanging out and were all "Hey, let's start a blog and recap Power Rangers!" So we posted the first episode, and then forgot about it for a month. But then we started recapping! And almost kept to a schedule!

Honestly, we never thought we'd even finish MMPR, let alone make it into Lightspeed Rescue. And maybe we will get back on a schedule soon. But we are still here, and we're still incredibly grateful for all of you who've been reading our posts for the last four years.

Here's to another four years! I mean, we still have another 400+ episodes to go!
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Episode 354 - The Cobra Strikes

Today on Power Rangers, we have even MORE Ryan angst. I approve of this, as it seems to be about the only interesting thing about this season thus far.

Ryan is still shirtless (more, please) in the medical ward. Ms. Fairweather is examining the cobra tattoo. I'm pretty sure she's not a medical doctor... but whatever.

Back in the city, there is a sudden darkness overtaking things. The rangers rush off and Ryan gets to pout because he gets told he can't go. Diabolico has brought down his freaky three-monster combo monster, Trika. It's boring. I didn't like these monsters when they were individuals. This weird three sided thing is just... blah.

Ryan can't seem to rest. He's anxious, so he watches the fight. The rangers aren't doing so hot, but he can't go morph. I think this fight would be way more interesting if it was all shot from Ryan's angsty point of view. The rangers were beat all to hell, unfortunately. Ryan feels useless because he couldn't help them, so he decides to figure out how to go stop the cobra himself.

Kelsey is upset because that monster is as strong as all three combined. Seeing as that monster IS all three combined, I'm not sure why this is so surprising. They decide to rush finishing the new project, the Battle Boosters, because it's going to be the only way to stop him. In other words, new toys. Trika goes back to Earth and starts attacking civilians because he wants the rangers to come play. They show up, the battle boosters are done right after they get thrown around a bit, and all of sudden everybody has a number keypad on their wrist. Apparently that's the battle booster? It's... whatever. It's another boring battle. Not even ten minutes in and we're two battles under our belt? This is not going to be the best episode.

Except then we get more Ryan angst! I love Ryan angst! He finds some ancient ruins and then he finds a cobra on a wall. He touches it and this apparently calls forth a cobra monster. He's going to fight it on his own.

Meanwhile, the rangers have destroyed Trika. Diabolico isn't happy about that, so he goes down to fight them himself. I still don't care about this fight. I think this is supposed to be some badass thing? But it's not. At least we get shots of Ryan's fight cut into the Diabolico/Zord fight. The Supertrain Megazord takes a big hit, gets a hole blasted through it, and this is the first time I DO NOT CARE ONE BIT that a megazord has been completely destroyed.

At the interesting fight, Ryan morphed to try to beat the cobra, but he couldn't maintain it. His cobra tattoo was too close to killing him. He demorphs, TAKES HIS SHIRT OFF (yay!!!), and then blasts a pillar of stone down on top of the cobra monster, destroying it. His tattoo fades (which how does he see it? It's on his back...) and he's free of the curse. And still shirtless. If he could just remain shirtless forever, that would be great.

He morphs, gets in his zord, and goes to join the other rangers while reassuring everybody that he broke the curse and the cobra is gone and yada yada yada. His zord and the rescue zords make some new megazord which completely negates any sadness we were supposed to feel over the destruction of the Supertrain megazord. Not that I felt anything anyway? But I think I was supposed to be upset by it. I just don't care. About any of this. This fight is the most boring ever. And I find most of the fights boring, so that says a lot.

Vypra continues to not be able to act and falls to the ground in despair that Diabolico is gone. The red glowy thing from Diabolico goes into the baby thing that really should be better supervised than it is. He ends up encased in a cocoon.

Everybody is celebrating back at the base. They think they're free, except then the alarms go off and they have to go fight something, because they don't have drills apparently. The rangers rush into the city and Queen Bansheera shows up in that glowy smoke thing she does. Ryan tells them about her and how badass she is. She won't be there to fight, but she says her son will be ready soon and he'll destroy them.

I really don't care. The only sad this episode gives me is the I-think-these-are-the-last-shirtless-Ryan-scenes sad.

Too boring for fish. No, really. It was. The only interesting parts of this episode were the Ryan-angst-shirtless parts and they were too few and far between. Even they weren't really INTERESTING... just... y'know... shirtless.
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Episode 353 - Strength of the Sun

Long time no recap. Sorry?

So Queen bansheera is all "you have failed me for the last time" to Diabolico and "I will take away your star power." Diabolico is all "worst kid, I should kill him." Then all the other monsters show up before he can. Diabolico is all "just destroy them."

Villains, I wish you were more interesting. Can we get to Ryan being emo and taking off his shirt or something?

Back at the Aquabase, Ms. Fairweather is designing something new. But there is a problem, by the name with Ryan. The new toy is useless without him. Ryan overhears, and he has a sad. Sadly, the sad doesn't include him removing his shirt.

In the cafeteria, Joel and Chad don't get why Ryan isn't allowed to morph, because the monsters are still out there. UM, MAYBE BECAUSE HE WILL DIE? A monster alert goes off, and Ryan gives everyone the saddest look, because he is a puppy, and then they leave without him. Ryan, break the curse first, THEN morph.

Anyway, the Rangers fight the monsters and the monsters are winning. I guess some of the effects are cool? I am just not emotionally invested in the fight. Dana then suggests splitting them up, so she and Kelsey lead off one of the monster/demon things. Dana then announces there's a part 2 to the plan. The monster calls them "my little pretties" and then Kelsey and Dana shoot him. (We really need more of the girls bonding!)

Back at the base, Ryan is having a sad as he watches the other guys lose. Luckily, the girls have come to the rescue. The Rangers summon weapons, but no use, and they all collapse. The monster gives an incredibly lame pun, and the monster that the girls knocked out gets up again.

Supposedly though, this is part of Carter's plan, although I have no idea when they PLANNED this plan. The monster gets close to them, and they shoot him at point blank range. (Not a bad plan!)

Diabolico makes the destroyed monster grow, and Carter summons the toys. We get the LONG zord summoning sequence. I guess the episode ran a little short? Look, if you needed to kill time, there's plenty more shots of Ryan having a sad that you could have used.

Diabolico makes the second monster grow as well. Ms. Fairweather is all "we're fucked" and Captain Mitchell starts yelling about putting all the reserves. Ryan stares at his morpher, thinks about the cobra, and then leaves to activate the new zord, and he morphs. He's going to risk himself. ♥

I'm not really sure where he got the tech skills to activate the zord. Captain Mitchell tries to order his son back, but Ryan is all "they need my help." Nobody can really argue with that. Ryan to the rescue!

Ryan has to energize the solar panels so he has to change course and head to the sun, and the tattoo on his back starts to climb again. He goes into space, fully energizes, and the his zord jumps on the Rangers back. Ms. Fairweather gives a quick explanation, while everyone is busy being super concerned for Ryan instead.

Ryan does a lot of impressive stunts and destroys a monster, but the second one hits him, and he has to fight through the pain of the cobra climbing him to take out the other one.

Everyone congratulates Ryan, but he's passed out in his cockpit from the pain. We then cut to him shirtless in the infirmary. All he has to say is that the zord is totally awesome. Then he asks Dana if their dad will be mad. As soon as Dana sees their dad coming, she's all "BYE."

Captain Awesome tells Ryan that he's proud of him, and he would have done the same thing. Ryan then rolls over, and we see how high the tattoo has climbed. It's not good. The next time he morphs will probably be the one that kills him.

Meanwhile, Diabolico is all "what, you're not sick of these monsters yet? I'm totally going to bring them back again."

Fish: 2. How do you make an episode about Ryan angst this dull?
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Episode 352 - Curse of the Cobra

Let's get down to business! To recap the show!

Previously, Ryan has angst! \o/ So, true story. When I was a teenager, I used to babysit every Saturday night. And being the worst babysitter ever, I would basically plop the kids in front of the TV, and watch something from their (fairly awesome) video collection.

Anyway, they had these two episodes, and we watched them a lot. (They were the only episodes of LR I'd seen, actually, since the Lost Galaxy airing schedule had gotten me out of PR for a while.)

Anyway! Let's talk about the possessed by an evil snake tattoo that's going to slither up his body and necessitate a lot of shirtless scenes. Show, how are you so great? (Why couldn't the whole season be about that?) (And I don't even HAVE a tattoo kink, but the hurt/comfort and the angst and the issues and this was tailor made for me, seriously.)

(My flail at the end of the last episode when he got the evil snake tattoo? Yeah, I love these episodes. A LOT.)

Anyway! We start with the villains gossiping and recapping previous events. Then Diabolico gives the monsters a new toy.

Back on the Aquabase, Captain Awesome is explaining to Ryan how great Ms. Fairweather is. And then he's all "there is actual training!" I appreciate that the team actually has to work on this whole being a Ranger thing. Captain Awesome tells Ryan how proud he is of him, and Ryan is all "yay!" but then as soon as his dad leaves he strips off his shirt and stares at the tattoo. Oh, Ryan. You need all the hugs. Don't worry, Carter will volunteer soon!

We get a flashback to Diabolico disintegrating Ryan's shirt and pushing him up against a pillar and giving him the cursed tattoo (yesssss) and then Carter spies on shirtless Ryan because he loves him. Carter is speechless at the sight of Ryan's body tattoo, but then instead of going to train, a monster attacks.

The team grabs their jackets and head out and morph. There's a fight and some cool gymnastics and then Ryan is in pain as the tattoo begins to slither up his body, and he falls off a building, writhing on the ground in agony, and seriously, best episode. Carter rushes to his side, but Ryan insists he's fine, but Carter can actually see the tattoo moving, even through his suit. Then the monsters use the new toy to make a copy of the villain.

... For a second I wasn't sure if I was writing hurt/comfort fic or recapping the episode. I love when that happens.

Anyway, fight happens, and then Carter shoots from the hip, which is pretty cool, and then some toys are brought out. The Rangers get knocked down, but they get up again, and then Ryan falls to his knees.

Carter realizes that if they hurt demonite, they hurt his clone also, and then Carter announces that he has a plan. Ryan forcibly demorphs and clutches at his back, while the monster mocks him.

The other Rangers keep running around and play hide and seek among the containers with the monster, and we see that they're on the roof of them. The monsters realize this, and shoot at them, but it was a trick so that Carter can threaten the monster. The monster is all "at this distance, you'll blow yourself up, too." Then we flash to Ryan's agonized face, and then Carter decides not to blow up the monster? This makes no sense at all. Their whole purpose is to blow up monsters. Anyway, the monster is all "well, if you won't destroy me, I'll destroy you" and then Carter shoots him and blows him up anyway. So.... what was the point of that?

Everyone assumes that Carter is dead, and then Joel is all "look, he's fine!" He does have Red Ranger immunity, anyway. There are some hugs, and Dana holds the collapsing Carter.

Diabolico makes the destroyed Demonite monster grow, and the zords are summoned. Could we go back to Ryan, please? Anyway, then they call the other zords. They blow up the monster. I do love that the Super Train Megazord is SO MUCH TALLER than the monster. Then they blow it up.

Diabolico is very upset that Demonite has been destroyed, but the other two villains are all "it's cool, we'll handle it."

Meanwhile, shirtless!Ryan is staring at his back in the mirror again, and Carter has come to see him. Carter is all "Ryan, I stared at your naked back." Ryan tells Carter its a going away present from Diabolico, and when Carter pushes, Ryan tells him the truth as long as he promises not to tell anyone. He doesn't want to be grounded, because being a Ranger is important to him.

Of course, it turns out that his dad is listening outside. he tells Ryan that until something is figured out, Ryan isn't to morph. His dad points out that he lost him once, and he can't lose him again.

BEST EPISODE. I mean, except for the part that makes no sense. STILL. BEST EPISODE.

Fish: 2! Okay, it probably deserves more than that, but we were pretty distracted and didn't care that much.
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Episode 351 - Ryan's Destiny

Today on Power Rangers, more Ryan angst! I wholeheartedly approve.

So there is an intruder on the base and there are alarms and flashy lights and loud voices screaming out INTRUDER ALERT. But it's just Ryan. Being all emo. Looking very sad and distraught. The worst security ever takes forever to get there, but it's okay, because it's just Ryan and he just wants to see his dad.

He came to say goodbye, apparently, because he is now in the middle of an existential crisis. Oh Ryan. Don't ever smile or look happy. I love you when you're all tortured.

Captain Awesome Mitchell tries to convince him to stay, tries to convince him that he's a good person (with an OCEAN OF GOODNESS, oh god writers, please). Ryan won't stay, so Captain Mitchell gives him a shiny little box instead and basically tells him to open it when he stops being Tortured Soul Emo. I really kind of hope that never happens.

Bad Guys are having a rough time because they can't beat the Power Rangers. The baby is next in line to get the job done and it's actually used as a threat. That's right, they're going to have THE BABY beat the rangers. Well, not really, but it's a serious threat that they take seriously and seriously consider other alternatives. Seriously. It's kind of ridiculous. I... admit to forgetting pretty much everything about these bad guys as soon as they are off my screen. They are boring and it's so hard to remember when there is Ryan Angst all over the place.

Speaking of, Tortured Soul Emo Ryan finds a feather (a feather bomb, actually, because it's from the Bad Guys and not an actual bird) and watches small people and actually smiles. Stop smiling, Ryan. He gets a ball for a little boy and convinces him his kid sister really isn't all that bad and they have to stick together. He gives them the feather he found and the little girl is happy and the little boy is happy and Ryan is happy and I don't think that's going to end well.

He gets good advice from a random lady at the bus stop, who tells him to follow his heart, and then winks at him. It's weird and I hope she's important later because otherwise? Creepy. But at least he's polite enough to let others go ahead of him when he's indecisive. Meanwhile the rangers are fighting the Bad Guy Threesome which sounds way more awesome than it actually is.

The Rangers realize the feathers are bombs and smartly get it out to the news, which Ryan overhears at the bus stop. He remembers giving the feather to the boy to give to his sister. The bus driver is waiting, but Ryan runs away. He has to get that feather back. Ryan finally catches up to the family, drops all his stuff, and manages to snatch the feather just as the sun is setting. He grabs the feather, flings it over the bridge, and shields the family as it explodes. Ryan the Tortured Soul Emo HERO!

He realizes he really is a good guy and opens the shiny box. Inside is the Titanium Morpher. Yay we get more Titanium Ass! He rushes to the main fight where his sister and friends are trying (and failing) to beat the Bad Guy Threesome. He morphs - TITANIUM AAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS - and it is super great. He totally wins at everything.

Captain Awesome is super proud. You just know he had a really hard time explaining why he handed over the morpher to an ex-baddie, which would be the Best Fic Ever, but he did it anyway. Because he knew it's what Ryan needed. And he is the best dad this show has ever had. Dana is super happy to see her brother and hugs him and cries and it's great. They even give him a jacket when they get back to base. Because he is part of the team now. Even though he is still Tortured Soul Emo Titanium Ass and has nightmares. Lots and lots of nightmares. Nightmares where he is stripped shirtless (yes, please), thrown against a pillar (yes, please, again), and branded with a cobra tattoo, which will squeeze him until he dies. That's right, UNTIL HE DIES. Every time he morphs, he'll get closer and closer to death.

He wakes up to realize it wasn't a nightmare. He has a cobra on his back.

2 fish. It was a little boring, but all the Tortured Soul Emo Titanium Ass makes up for just about anything.

Fic we want: Captain Mitchell explaining to the Lightspeed Board why he gave Ryan, his ex-and-maybe-still-a-little-bit evil son, the Titanium Morpher. That isn't really working well on humans in the first place and is super powerful and strong enough to take down their only line of defense.
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Episode 350 - Truth Discovered

Today on Power Rangers, Dana discovers her brother is still alive and we get a fine piece of Titanium Ass.

It's exposition time! Captain Mitchell flashes back to the car accident that supposedly took his son's life. He was driving them home from his mother's house, both children in the backseat, when a big rig runs them off the road. The children were playing with new toys in the backseat DISTURBINGLY UNRESTRAINED. Seriously, not a seatbelt in sight and frankly, both were small enough to be in boosters, even for that time period. Baby!Dana could even have been in a harness (by today's standards). Captain Mitchel manages to make it out of the car as it plummets over the cliff, and he's got both children clinging to him. He's holding tightly to a root and Dana is holding him tightly. Baby!Ryan is slipping, unable to hold to his leg. Ryan is about to fall and Spirit!Diabolico shows up, says he'll save the boys life, but the boy will belong to him. Captain Mitchell initially says no, but then Ryan lets go and falls, and Captain Mitchell cries out for Diabolico to save his son. He does so, but takes Ryan with him, promising Ryan will vanish until his twentieth birthday.

Back in present time, everybody has a sad over the heartbreaking story and really, poor Dana, what a way to find out your brother is still alive.

Meanwhile, Diabolico tells Ryan all about that night and how his father was going to let him die and Diabolico saved him. How Captain Mitchell only loved Dana and tossed Ryan away like trash. AND OMG THIS WHOLE STORY IS THE BEST THING EVER. MAJOR DADDY ISSUES FOR THE MOTHERFUCKING WIIIIINNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

So it's Ryan's twentieth birthday and that means he's back with a vengeance and a super nice Titanium Ass. Captain Mitchell is understandably distracted. He won't look at reports. Barely acknowledges his subordinates. Then disappears to look for Ryan. Ryan is super focused though, because he crumples up a picture he had of himself, Dana, and their father, then says Captain Mitchell will live to regret being such a crummy father. Oh Ryan! OH I LOVE YOU ALREADY YOU ANGRY, MISGUIDED HOT ASS!

Dana decides to go find them and leaves the other rangers behind. They are understandably not happy about it. She finds her brother and confronts him, surprised to discover his anger and misconceptions about their childhood. There is a pretty epic fight between the siblings and okay, so maybe I only care about it because of the awesome childhood angsty dialogue, but whatever. It's amazeballs.

Dana refuses to hurt him. She insists her father loved Ryan, tells him about their childhood and how he wanted to grow up to be a firefighter just like their dad, and then the others show up just as Ryan starts to remember. He runs off, unable to continue fighting his sister.

Monster of the week shows up and I don't care because HE doesn't have sibling angst and is therefor irrelevant to this episode (as far as I'm concerned). Fight fight, monster grows, all the toys, yada yada, you know how this plays out.

Back to Ryan! Just as it should be! He's having angst at the edge of the cliff where the car crashed. Captain Mitchell shows up and realizes Ryan doesn't remember. He tells him exactly what happened and Ryan struggles with the fuzzy memory he has of that night and what he's been told all these past twelve(ish) years by Diabolico. IT IS FULL OF ANGST AND WIN AND I LOVE IT SO VERY MUCH.

HE PUSHES HIS FATHER OVER THE EDGE. Because he is sure his father let him fall. They both go tumbling and Captain Mitchell grabs hold of that same root. Ryan clings to his hand and Captain Mitchell cries for him to hold on, that he can save him, and Ryan REMEMBERS. HE FINALLY REMEMBERS! And then he pulls himself up to grasp the root, too, but it can't support them both, so Captain Mitchell smiles and lets go. Ryan just got his Daddy back and he's having none of this sacrificial heroic shit, so he falls, morphs, and catches his father on the way down.


Captain Mitchell apologizes. He would have given his life to save Ryan's, and that's true, that's so totally true, because I GET IT. I DO. He doesn't want to lose him, and it's all tearful and heartfelt and the others are there and THIS IS SO HARD GUYS. Ryan drops the Titanium Morpher and runs away. Because he's scared and hurt and so very very confused. But he'll be back. Because he's Sixth Ranger Titanium Ass.

He has to go confront Diabolico, because he remembers what happened. He knows how it all went down. It's glorious. And his revenge will be epicly sweet. Oh yes.

2 fish. And okay, so there is the off-the-fish-scale question of how Diabolico was able to save Ryan, what with being all IMPRISONED and all, but frankly, I really don't care about that big gaping school of fish. Because the rest of this episode is GOLD.
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Episode 349 - From Deep in the Shadows

Power Rangers Megaforce on Saturday at 1 pm on Nick! You've all seen the promos, right? RIGHT? Because if not, you should go watch them immediately.

Anyway! We are up to the start of the best part of Lightspeed. (Yes, yes, feel free to argue with me. But I love this!) And this was the part of the season that actually made me interested in LR the first time I was watching. In fact, this was the only part I watched on TV when it was originally airing. (And the kids I babysat for totally had it on tape, and I watched it a lot with them. Priorities, I have them.)

So! Today, on Power Rangers, we get the first of the US only Power Rangers! Titanium Ranger, here we come!

We start at the Aquabase, where Joel is late again. Carter is being hooked up to all sorts of devices, including a new morpher, and everything is Super Serious. And Carter looks super hot. (Totally relevant.)

Carter dramatically touches the morpher and calls out "Titanium Power!" and then we get all sorts of wacky mad science effects, and he appears to be in pain, and show, if you'd like to linger more on his face, I'd be okay with that. Anyway, he manages to sustain a morph for a second, and everyone is super concerned about him. (Also, look, I know its the US's first time trying to design suits, but that thing is FUGLY.)

Later, Captain Mitchell and Ms. Fairweather discuss whether to continue testing the Titanium Powers. Ms. Fairweather says its too powerful for an ordinary human. Captain Mitchell agrees, but says it would have been fantastic. He then locks the morpher up in a safe.

Then, we get a dramatic shot of him staring at a photograph, and then Dana brings in a birthday cake! They have the most adorable relationship. We then find out that she has a big brother who would have been 20 today, and they blow out the candles in his honor, and I have ALL THE FEELINGS. Dana says that they wish for the same thing - that the car crash had never happened and that Ryan was still there. Captain Mitchell has a sad, and then says his wish is that Dana always knows that he loves her. BEST FATHER AND DAUGHTER EVER.

Then we get a series of jaws sound effects, and someone comes into the base. DUN DUN DUN. Everything is very dark and ominous. The mystery person makes their way through the base, and into the Captain's office. He breaks into the safe (and really, you leave the keys in a drawer? Without doing anything else?) and also glares at the photo of Captain Mitchell with his two children. Mystery person takes the morpher!

In the morning, Vypra is all "and now we destroy Mariner Bay!" and stuff starts blowing up. The Lightspeed team goes to investigate, and they start fighting. (She would be so much better if she just didn't speak. I'm sorry, but the actress is.... so not good.) The team threatens her, and then she's like "Fuck y'all, have the TITANIUM RANGER." His appearance is super dramatic and fucking AWESOME, even if that is still the ugliest suit design.

Evil!Ranger is all "I'm your worst nightmare" and the Captain finally realizes the morpher has been stolen. Sorry, Captain Awesome, you lost some points there for failure.

Anyway, evil!Ranger kicks their asses and its an absolutely great fight, and all American footage! I CANNOT STRESS HOW AWESOME I THINK THIS IS. Anyway, evil Ranger turns their weapons against them, and EVERYTHING HERE IS SO GREAT. Evil!Ranger has a great evil laugh. I APPROVE SO HARD.

Captain Awesome orders them to retreat, and the team does. Everyone is all "WTF."

Back on the base, everyone is so confused as to what is going on. The Captain tells them they need to get the power back and fast. Meanwhile, the villains are being all smug about how they're going to win. Either the Rangers will be destroyed, or they will run, and either way they get the city. Diabolico is so happy to get his homeland back.

Later, in the city, everyone keeps repeating that its too quiet. And then Chad notices something weird, because he is the smartest. Evil Ranger is back, and we get a gratuitous ass shot (not that I'm complaining) and when asked who he is, the Titanium Ranger says "it doesn't matter any more." BECAUSE HE HAS ISSUES AND I LOVE HIM.

They fight again, Titanium continues to win, and SERIOUSLY, HAVE I STRESSED HOW AWESOME THIS IS? Ms. Fairweather is busy creating something, and she says she hasn't finished testing it, but sends it out anyway. New toys! The V Lancers! They look ridiculous, but whatever. With the new toy they start to win the fight. The toys do a few new things, and they shoot him and he gets knocked down, but he gets up again. And the helmet opens, and we see that he's human, and Captain Mitchell let's out a "no."

The Rangers are about to shoot him, when Captain Mitchell orders them not to fire. Everyone is like "but we can get him!" and he tells them again not to shoot. And then the captain is all "please don't shoot." The team leaves, even though Titanium is all "I AM NOT DONE WITH YOU YET."

The Rangers are all "WTF, Captain." And then he says "because he's my son."

Oh, Dana, what a way to find out that your brother is alive.


Fish: 1.5 THIS IS SO GREAT. (But seriously, that is the worst security EVER.)
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Episode 348 - Rising From Ashes

LESS THAN TWO WEEKS UNTIL MEGAFORCE! Which means we should take this time to plug pr_megaforce!

Anyway. Apparently this episode is about Joel and trains. Well, at least its not a bus. Somewhere, Sheldon is clapping his hands in excitement. Of course, when I think of trains, I think of either Shining Time Station or Wee Sing Train. (You have no idea how many times my brother made me watch that.)

ANYWAY. I guess I should talk about the actual episode instead of finding things to link on youtube.

The scientists are working on some sort of train, and they use a floppy disc, which is adorable, and somehow that completes a project. I'm not sure how the schematics being designed automatically create whatever train it is, but... sure. Meanwhile, the villains are all "Let's bring back some dead monsters." Isn't it a little early for that?

Joel hits on Ms. Fairweather, and she tells him she's off to go look at the volcano, and he tells her to relax. She's all "You mean with you" and he claims he doesn't mean that but... I doubt it. (He does have a point though, she is working really hard!)

Ms. Fairweather's team inspects the volcano, while the villains laugh maniacally. Apparently the volcano is still heating up, and something alive is coming up from under the ground. The team is called in to deal with a volcano, and they rush out in their train zords. Unfortunately, Ms. Fairweather gets trapped inside the volcano cave when the entrance collapses.

The Rangers fight the resurrected monster, and it snaps their sword. Bansheera demands another monster be resurrected, and Vypra is all pleased that the Queen's powers are growing.

Captain Awesome is not being quite as awesome, as he's failing to get that Ms. Fairweather is in trouble, and then the Megazord loses all power. The Captain orders an evacuation of the Zords so they can go rescue Ms. Fairweather, since that's the only way to save the zords. Um. Maybe there should be some redundancy in the job, like, other people to take over in emergency? What happens if she has the flu?

The Rangers find her team, and there's a lovely unmorphed fight against the cute little mooks, and Joel heads off to rescue Ms. Fairweather by himself. Which he manages to do.

Ms. Fairweather is all "reserve power should be back online by now" and then runs off in the jeep so that she can do the science thing and save the day. They just need to buy some time. Now that the Rangers are back in the Zords, that's the cue for the monsters to come back and fight some more.

She yells for the super train program to come online, which... creates the zords out of nothing? Was there a construction project? How did this happen so quickly? Why am I trying to apply logic to this? Anyway. The Rangers breaks the megazord back into parts and goes back to the rail rescues, and then they launch themselves into the air.

So then they get a GIANT NEW ZORD. It is very large. I mean, it towers over the monsters. I...well... it's a train? They are all really impressed. It is pretty cool that the zord towers over the monsters. I mean, they should just step on the monster.

Unfortunately, when they try and shoot the guns there's a power overload, so they can't use the guns again. Instead, they supercharge turbines. If power overload was a problem, then using something supercharged might not be a good idea. (Yep!) And somehow that makes computers explode back at base. But it works and the monster blows up, and everyone is happy... until the fire nation volcano attacks. But the train has FREEZE MISSILES, so its going to freeze the volcano. My suspension of disbelief only goes so far, show, and you are seriously pushing it.

So Joel is sulking on a couch, when Ms. Fairweather comes in. She thanks him for saving her life. Then she makes a speech about getting wrapped up in her work, and then she invites him to dinner. He's all "YES, DATE." And it turns out he has a framed picture of her.

He shows up at the galley with roses and in an ugly suit, but she's invited everyone. I actually feel bad for him there, a little. That was way harsh.

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Episode 347 - Go Volcanic

Today on Power Rangers, Dana is smart!

So Dana has created a device that will measure volcanic activity. Apparently she is a geologist. And in med school. And a ranger. She is probably really really tired. Anyway, she needs a ride but the others are out with the only vehicle in the whole base, so she decides to utilize public transit.

Apparently Mariner Bay has really good public transport? She doesn't seem to have a long wait, the bus looks clean, and it's not crowded. Of course, there is a Shady Individual there. He has a bag full of money that he flashes and Dana is appropriately suspicious.

The bad guys are setting up shop in the core of the volcano. Seems like a good place.

It's causing seismic activity all over the place, of course, and the bus driver taking Dana up there says they have to turn around. Shady Individual pulls a gun and hijacks the bus, though. Like, a GUN. It's surprising. Anyway, Dana attacks him because she is determined to get control back and bring the other passengers to safety. Because that's what you do when you're awesome. Bus Driver doesn't handle this well and manages to go half off the bridge, sending Shady Individual out the door and dangling over a long fall onto sharp rocks. Dana attempts to save him, because that's what you do, and her dad tries desperately to get in touch with her.

The other rangers head out to help because they know something is wrong. She tries to pull the guy back into the bus while the other passengers rush to the back of the bus in an attempt to level it out with weight. Dana can't hold him much longer, so a little old lady rushes in to help, then the bus driver. It is surprisingly suspenseful for Power Rangers! I am really actually excited for this bit. They get him back in, of course, but as they do so the bus starts to go right off the bridge. Luckily the other rangers show up just in time and Joel flies in to catch them and place them safely back on the road..

We have seen so little of the bad guys, I actually forgot there was a monster causing all this distress. Then the show reminds me. Dana's seismic activity monitor is going nuts and she says the volcano is about to erupt and they have to stop it. Apparently they have to take the bus up there? But the bus driver is injured and can't drive. Dana confirms. Nobody else apparently knows how to drive, except Shady Individual, who used to be a bus driver. He puts the gun back in the bag and slides it away and then takes the wheel, driving them all to safety. And is apparently redeemed.

The rangers morph and go fight the three-headed volcano monster that has had a total of 2 minutes air time in the whole episode. It's boring.

Shady Individual talks about his time as a bus driver. He used to enjoy it. He liked having people trust him. Old Lady gives him a thumbs up. Injured Bus Driver claps him on the shoulder reassuringly. Shady Individual manages to avoid crashing into a bunch of rocks. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THIS IS A THING. SHOW. WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME THIS?

Monster I Forgot About grows and all the toys come out and I'm kind of whatever about the whole thing.

Back at the station, Shady Individual has brought the bus safe and sound to where it belongs. Everybody congratulates the rangers and Dana says Shady Individual is a hero too. He doesn't think so but the passengers all think so. Meanwhile the cops come rolling in because they want to arrest Shady Individual. Dana speaks up for him and Old Lady hands over the bag and the cops agree to take that into account during sentencing. At least he's still arrested and he agrees he should pay for his crimes and he'll be okay after that.

5 fish. This episode was just ridiculous. I am glad we got a less monster-centric/fight-centric episode. But it was an odd episode.